FTX: a unique offer of derivative products

When it comes to crypto derivative exchanges, few can pretend to offer such a wide range of innovative products as FTX do.  The exchange, incubated by Alameda research, was launched in May 2019 and immediately started off with a large offer of perpetual and futures contracts. One of their competitive advantages, is their strategic partnership.

Yubikey 5 NFC: the all-in-one security key

Protecting your accounts is not an easy task and for most of users, they contain multiple points of failure. This is where the Yubikey NFC 5 is supposed to help you by bringing your security to a whole new level.   What is that exactly? The YubiKey NFC 5 is a hardware-based authentication device that.

Uranium bull run in the making?

Uranium was in a bear trend for 10 years. As you can see it on the following charts, most of the mining companies’ stocks lost more than 90% in value from their top. A few mining company stocks and ETF’s have been showing signs of accumulation from a technical perspective. And today, we are going.