Gold: the right time to buy or another trap?

Gold has been in a bear trend since 2011 exactly like Silver (as detailed here). The reasons behind this bubble deflation are multiple. A massive upward trend started back in 2008 after the global financial crisis kicked in. Gold was seen as a safe haven protecting capital and the price was driven by a speculative mania,.

Silver: reversal around the corner?

Since the top of the previous bull run in April 2011, Silver has been in a down trend and lost +70% in value. A long and painful bear market for commodities showing an inverse correlation with stock market which has been in a bull run in the meantime.  Precious metals have always been seen as.

Uranium bull run in the making?

Uranium was in a bear trend for 10 years. As you can see it on the following charts, most of the mining companies’ stocks lost more than 90% in value from their top. A few mining company stocks and ETF’s have been showing signs of accumulation from a technical perspective. And today, we are going.