OKCoin donating up to 1000 BTC to developpers

In a recent statement, OKCoin announced that they were launching a campaign to support developers of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Satoshi Vision. The concept is simple, you need to have an account on OKCoin loaded with at least $100 or 100€ in fiat, $100 worth of tokens and pass KYC level 2. Then you.

BitBox: hardware wallet made in Switzerland

The BitBox01 is a hardware wallet designed and engineered by a Swiss company called Shift Cryptosecurity. It is a minimalistic device that integrates a two factor authenticator feature and seed storage, in a very different way from what we have tried so far. First impressions The packaging is quite basic. You will receive the device.

JuBiter: a slim hardware wallet

JuBiter is another contender on the hardware wallet market. It is very slim and supposed to be solid. One of its specificities is to be built upon a JAVA OS which allows users to manage the app without touching and thus compromising any secret stored in the SE. First impressions The wallet is delivered in.

Yubikey 5 NFC: the all-in-one security key

Protecting your accounts is not an easy task and for most of users, they contain multiple points of failure. This is where the Yubikey NFC 5 is supposed to help you by bringing your security to a whole new level.   What is that exactly? The YubiKey NFC 5 is a hardware-based authentication device that.

Archos Safe-T Mini: one of the cheapest hardware wallets

Archos is a small French company manufacturing electronic devices (tablets, smartphones, media players…). They launched an affordable hardware wallet, called Safe-T Mini, early 2018 for the price of 49.99€ or $57. Today we are reviewing it to see if it can challenge the biggest competitors (Trezor, Ledger, Keepkey…). First impressions The packaging looks very premium.

Cryptosteel: seed recovery phrase backup device

After reviewing Cryptotag, i had to logically give a try to Cryptosteel. It was the first physical metal backup system introduced on the crypto market in 2015 after a succesful crowdfunding. Let’s see what is is about and how it works. Why did they choose stainless steel? The company decided to use 304-grade German stainless.

Fidelity starts serving clients

Fidelity, one of the largest asset managers, announced on Thursday they were starting to serve a select set of eligible clients for its custody service. The news comes just five months  after creating the new company that will offer trading/investing services to institutional investors.  Last November, Tom Jessop (Crypto chief for Fidelity) had confided that the.

Gold: the right time to buy or another trap?

Gold has been in a bear trend since 2011 exactly like Silver (as detailed here). The reasons behind this bubble deflation are multiple. A massive upward trend started back in 2008 after the global financial crisis kicked in. Gold was seen as a safe haven protecting capital and the price was driven by a speculative mania,.