OKCoin donating up to 1000 BTC to developpers

In a recent statement, OKCoin announced that they were launching a campaign to support developers of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Satoshi Vision.

The concept is simple, you need to have an account on OKCoin loaded with at least $100 or 100€ in fiat, $100 worth of tokens and pass KYC level 2. Then you will be able to vote for the development team of your choice (BTC, BCH or BSV). For each vote, OKCoin will donate 0.02 BTC.

As you can see, on the opposite screenshot, the campaign has just started and OKCoin has donated 0.8 BTC to the different projects so far.



KYC processing:

The KYC process is similar to any other platform. You will need to give your name, nationality and passport to pass level 1.

The level 2 is a regular proof of residency where you can upload any official document such as a bill, a driver license or anything proving you live at the communicated location.


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